America’s Degenerate Son

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Imagine a family whose oldest son could be described as the typical lazy Millennial. He rarely worked, spent a bunch of money frivolously, and had no direction in life. The family never confronted him, and sometimes they would even give him money so he would stop pestering them.

What conclusions would you draw about this family?

Most likely, you would acknowledge that the family doesn’t care at all about their oldest son. They’re enabling his bad habits by giving him money and not caring what results he produced with them.

I would argue that our society’s relaxed attitude towards charities has enabled them to become akin to the typical lazy Millennial. They pester society for money, society gives them some, and the results they produce are often left unscrutinized. This has created an unhealthy dependency where charities can get away with massive inefficiency while remaining cashflow positive.

I’m unhappy about this. I want to confront America’s degenerate son: the nonprofit sector. I want to hold his feet to the fire, ask him what he’s done lately, and kick him out if he’s not performing. Because I care about him.

To that end, I’ve created this video.


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