BREAKING NEWS: Charity Is Messy

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For a long time, charities have tried to hide the fact that things don’t always go as planned. DonorSee has taken a firm stance against this practice. When things don’t go as planned, we tell you. It doesn’t mean “we messed up” or that “we did something wrong.” All it means is that we’re dealing with complicated situations. This is the real world and the real world is full of “difficult-to-navigate” complexities.

This morning, Jacob from Sudan posted a project that showcases the complexities of the environments in which we are serving. Take a look…

This project demonstrates an important point: charity is messy.

About a month ago, Jacob first posted about Manyok, the boy in the video. Thanks to our wonderful donors, the project was funded quickly and Manyok went to go see a doctor right away.

Unfortunately, there was bad news…

Here we are a month later and Manyok’s situation has deteriorated, despite being seen by 3 different doctors. These doctors referred Manyok to a specialist, which (of course) is going to cost more money.

This is why it’s important that we be transparent and discuss when things don’t go well. We need to be able to tell our donors that their first round of $230 didn’t fully resolve the situation. We thought it would, but it didn’t.

That doesn’t mean their money went to waste, the opposite! Their $230 was used to get Manyok closer to a cure.

By being open and transparent about our efforts, we are able to help people better and more effectively. Sometimes that means getting knocked down, brushing ourselves off, and trying again.

But we’re not going to give up on Manyok, and we know you won’t either.

Follow Manyok’s story with this link:

EDIT: Jacob’s project has now been funded. Please consider supporting similar projects at