Death On DonorSee

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Yesterday I got word that two people we were trying to help on DonorSee passed away. Their names were Edith and Ruben.

I immediately wondered if it was because we didn’t raise enough money in time. Here’s how that conversation went:

When I told someone about this news, they asked me if I was discouraged. I said, “no.”

I’m sad that Edith and Ruben passed away and that their final days were painful. It’s a tragedy. But I don’t find it discouraging.

I started DonorSee because these needless tragedies are happening all the time. And they can be prevented. In a future world, maybe it wouldn’t have been too late. Maybe Edith and Ruben’s families would have known about  DonorSee earlier and could’ve received treatment in time.

Discouraging isn’t the thing I feel. Urgency is. The more we grow, the more lives we save, and the more tragedies we can prevent. And you can be a part of that.

Join us.


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