DonorSee Imposing $450 Max On All Future Projects

Effective immediately, DonorSee will be imposing a $450 max on all future projects posted on our platform.

After spending a year and a half fundraising for projects that raise from a few bucks to tens of thousands of dollars, we have decided to focus our organization on what we do best: small, personal, high-impact projects.

This decision was not made lightly. We understand that by imposing this max, we are cutting off the possibility of fundraising for many important needs like water wells (~$8,000) and housing (~$1,000). But, while the decision was difficult to make, we moved forward because making hard decisions is the backbone of every effective and successful organization.

In order to maximally focus on what we do best, we had to create some healthy boundaries. The amount of $450 was picked after reviewing our data and having many lengthy discussions with our team, our aid workers abroad and many of our donors as well.

While it may seem strange to some to prohibit the work an organization does, this is a lesson we have gleaned from observing other charities. The best organizations are the one’s who specifically choose to focus on one area and, by definition, leave other’s out. Sometime’s that means a charity ONLY focuses on clean water or micro-lending (and so they don’t get involved with disaster relief). We have also observed that whenever a charity looses it’s focus, they begin to see their effectivity dwindle.

It has always been part of DonorSee’s mission to help those in need effectively. For us, that means playing our part in helping the way we know best: small, personal, high-impact needs.

If you know an aid worker who would be interested in posting projects of this nature (less than $450) to our platform, please have them apply at