Brave Mother Has Faith Amidst Unthinkable Circumstance

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As M’Balu got smaller and smaller, her mother began to panic. She didn’t know what to do for her baby. She was watching her own child die before her very eyes.

Two months ago, M’Balu weighed just 3.3lbs. Her mother, living in extreme poverty, didn’t have the money to pay for malnutrition treatment at the city hospital.

You might ask, “how could the mother allow her baby to get like this? Can’t she breastfeed?”

If only it were that simple. M’Balu and her mother both live in a remote village in Sierra Leone. M’Balu wasn’t able to latch onto her mother’s breast, which is a common problem all over the world.

So, with nothing but hope, she made a pilgrimage to the city hospital. She knew she couldn’t afford the treatment, but that didn’t stop her.

Waiting outside the walls of the hospital, she was greeted by one of DonorSee’s on-the-ground Partners.

Within moments, this mother’s faith all became worth it. Her story was posted on DonorSee and a generous donor funded it almost immediately. $500 supplied over a month of hospital treatment.

Barely able to open her eyes, M’Balu started her treatment a day later.

After 45 days, the nurses danced and celebrated as M’Balu got to leave the hospital.

M’Balu had turned into a healthy baby. And her mother was sent home with some formula milk.

Just two months later, M’Balu is thriving and headed for a normal childhood. Her life was saved thanks to DonorSee donors and DonorSee Partner, Jennie Schwartz.

I am sharing this story with you today because Jennie just went to visit M’Balu to personally check up on her.

Jennie is someone who truly embodies the mission of DonorSee: We serve the poorest people in the world on the worst day of their lives.

I hope you’ll consider supporting Jennie’s work. She has several projects on DonorSee that need your help.

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P.S. Pictures shared with permission and in the hope that using them can save the lives of more babies.
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