Prediction: Child Mortality Will Rise For The First Time In 30 Years Due To Lockdowns

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It was 122 days ago when I released my first video warning people that lockdowns in poor countries were a massive mistake.

As I became more vocal, I got pushback. Doctors warned me that COVID-19 would wreak havoc on the medical systems in impoverished countries. They said that this virus would kill millions in Africa alone.

So, here we are, five months after the virus first landed in Africa. Who was right: Gret or the expert doctors?

We now know that lockdowns in poor countries have caused more human misery and death than almost any other decision of the past several decades. The numbers are finally in and they are damning.

Let’s go down the list:

  • COVID-19 was not nearly as deadly in Africa as the experts warned about. From Science Magazine on August 7th: “4 months after the first cases in Africa were detected, prevalence and mortality are still low.” The consensus is that a young population has spared them from the virus, just as I predicted.
  • COVID-19 hardly affects children at all, but lockdowns are responsible for 10,000 children dying a month according to the Associated Press. An additional 550,000 children are being struck by severe malnutrition each month due to lockdowns.
  • Due to supply chain disruptions (from lockdowns), an additional 6.3M cases of T.B. are expected with an additional 1.4M deaths, according to the NY Times.
  • The Atlantic recently reported: “When you ask them to stay home, in many cases you’re asking them to starve.”
  • The Telegraph recently reported: “The absurd demand that developing countries adopt economically disastrous lockdowns is driving untold misery.”

I saw this tidal wave coming and first warned about the dangers of lockdowns on May 20th. Since then, I have accurately predicted exactly what would happen. Lockdowns (not COVID-19) have devastated the global poor.

I am now predicting that in 2020 the child mortality rate will go up for the first time in 30 years. As you can see from the above graph, that is a bold prediction given the trend of the last three decades. It’s not something I hope happens, but it’s something that seems inevitable just by looking at the data.

Children will die in record numbers this year because governments mishandled a virus that primarily attacks the old.

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And all this is happening at a time when half of UK charities supporting the world’s poorest are expected to close within a year.

There are people suffering from lockdowns in 2020 beyond what you can imagine. Give now.