The Politicization of Tragedy: Please Stop Encouraging Future Shooters

Every time our country experiences a new tragedy, more people are using it as an opportunity to vocalize their political views. Views that are being spewed even before the death toll has been solidified.

Circumventing the mourning period so you can promote your narrative doesn’t make you a hero. It makes you a villain, complicit in encouraging future atrocities.

Regardless of ideological baseline, these tragedies happen because of the certain media outcry to follow. A shooter takes up his gun and mercilessly fires it upon a crowd because he knows it will make a headline. He knows it will make people scared. And he knows it will divide.

Ask yourself, do you want to give the shooter what he wants? Do you want his hopes of division to be made manifest in your social media posts?

Neither alienation nor legislation have ever led to unity. Healing only happens when love and forgiveness are present.

Do not make today a day of division. Make it a day of defeat for the evil lunatic who tried to divide us. He loses when we stand together in love, despite our differences.