White Americans > Black Africans?

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This story entitled “American Killed In London Terror Attack” was on the front page of CNN a few hours ago.

It tells the tragic story of a couple who was attacked in London while celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. What a horrifying, horrifying event to happen to someone. And, what’s more, to someone like us! From our country, with our skin, who speaks our language.

Another interesting story on CNN yesterday was this one (from Africa) entitled “Mogadishu car bombing leaves 10 dead.” Sounds terrible as well! But, if we’re being honest, it’s way harder to relate to the people and families affected by this tragedy. I’m sure they’re suffering greatly from their loss, but their suffering goes over our head. Doesn’t it?

I’m not saying white Americans are more valuable than black Africans. Obviously, it would be insane to say that. But would it be fair to say that most people care more about white Americans than black Africans?

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