Why DonorSee Is The Most Innovative Way To Donate

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Here are 5 reasons DonorSee is the most innovative way to donate.

1) Your donations actually go to the person in need.

If you give to your typical brand name charity, you will never find out where your dollars go. On DonorSee, you can pick out the specific person you want to donate to.

2) You see the impact of every dollar you donate with video updates.

Most of the time when you give to a charity, they will just send you a “thank you email” in return. Then, they will keep asking you for more money. On DonorSee, they send you personalized video updates showing you exactly how your dollars were spent (even if you only donate $1).

3) Small donations make a big difference.

DonorSee has on-the-ground partners in the poorest countries on earth. When you give small amounts, you will watch your money make a big difference in the lives of real people.

4) You can rate your donation experience the same way you rate a product on Amazon.

Many charities will admit that they try to hide mistakes because it might hurt their brand image. DonorSee does the opposite. They tell you when mistakes are made and even let you rate your donation experience so others can make smart decisions.

5) The CEO earns $0/year.

Gret Glyer started DonorSee after living in Malawi, Africa for 3 years where he started a girl’s high school. He now runs DonorSee for free and funds himself separately and transparently on Patreon.