You Know What’s A Way Bigger Deal Than The Gender Pay Gap?

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In 2015, the average man in America made $51,212 compared to the average woman who made $40,742. That means a woman made 79 cents for every dollar a man made. It also means a woman had to work 15 months to get the same salary as a man.

Many people argue these numbers are bogus because they don’t factor in difficulty of the job, danger, or even hours worked. Let’s assume, for the purposes of this article, that the figures above are 100% accurate.

Does this make you angry? Are you ready to protest because of the obvious gender discrimination happening in our country?! Anywhere there’s gender inequality, I’m right there with you!

But first, let’s make sure we properly understand our context, as Americans. The average American (in 2013) made $53,042. That seems like a modest amount. But what about…non-Americans? Let’s look at a country I spent 3 years living in: Malawi (it’s a country in southeast Africa). In 2013, the average Malawian made $226.46, for the entire year.

I know that living off of $18.87 a month is hard to comprehend. Perhaps it’s incomprehensible. But…that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

So, Africans actually make $0.006 cents for every dollar an American woman makes. An African also has to work 2,159 months to make the same salary as an American woman.

It’s time to protest! Right?! Right….?


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