Christian Virtue Signaling

Back when Jesus was walking the earth, he used to go around healing the sick and hanging out with the poor. Since American Christians look nothing like that, they’ve needed... Read more

Christian Music Is So Authentic

There’s this thing called ”Capitalism” where people capitalize on market demands in order to make money. America is really good at Capitalism. Arguably the best! Several decades ago the music... Read more

You’re A Billionaire

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that you’re insanely wealthy. Some, when they learn this, immediately start to loophole themselves out of thinking about it. Others quickly acknowledge their... Read more

Relative Wealth

I did something in a previous post that you’re not supposed to do. I spoke about money using specific numbers. Even if unintended, this is often perceived as a threat. When... Read more

Why I Went Into Hiding

Early last week I wrote a blog post which was actually an experiment in disguise. The hypothesis of my experiment was that many people would get more upset about cursing... Read more