I’m Not A Cryer, But…

Last Wednesday night I sobbed uncontrollably for an hour. This is very strange for me. Occasionally, while watching a sad movie, I’ll get misty-eyed. But, besides that, I just don’t cry. In... Read more

Never Repeat A Year

I often think of my life in year increments. A year is enough time to get really good at something. After working on something for a full year (job, hobby,... Read more

The Golden Handcuffs

“The Golden Handcuffs” is a concept that many recognize but few escape. It goes like this. When you start a new job, right out of college, you may not like it... Read more

The “What If” Myth

In the past several years, I’ve moved to Africa, started a YouTube channel, and founded my own tech company. All three of these things have one thing in common: they’re... Read more

Death On DonorSee

Yesterday I got word that two people we were trying to help on DonorSee passed away. Their names were Edith and Ruben. I immediately wondered if it was because we... Read more

America’s Degenerate Son

Imagine a family whose oldest son could be described as the typical lazy Millennial. He rarely worked, spent a bunch of money frivolously, and had no direction in life. The... Read more

Charities Are Unsustainable

All charities start small, compassionate, and full of hope. The way it should be! But, as they grow, they develop a disease that I call Uncontrollable Detachment Syndrome. This is how... Read more