Dear friends,

In the fall of 2013, I met a little girl named Emily in a rural Malawian village. I was shocked to learn that Emily had recently become an orphan because her mother was unable to afford a $20 trip to the hospital. This experience taught me that there are still people in this world who are living on the knife’s edge of survival. When you live off $0.30/day, a sudden $20 expense can be the difference between life and death.

The longer I lived in Malawi, the more the reality began to sink in: Emily’s story was not rare. There aren’t just a few poor people living in distant corners of the globe. Material poverty is actually the norm for most of our planet. It was just hidden from me as I grew up in the suburbs of Northern Virginia.

From this moment on, I decided that I had a personal responsibility to serve the most disadvantaged members of our planet. I began to dream of a world where mothers would no longer die because they lacked small amounts of money. A world where the latest technology could be harnessed to provoke a deep compassion for the global poor.

That dream led to the founding of DonorSee: a tech platform that allows generous donors to express their global solidarity by donating directly to people with immediate needs.

To date, DonorSee has raised more than $1.3M in the form of $320 projects (average size). And, on each of those projects, we’ve provided personalized video updates showing donors their impact.

Ever since we launched in 2016, I have worked full-time, including many late nights and early mornings, to turn DonorSee into the growing organization that it is today. And I have done all that without taking a single dollar for myself.

I have never taken a salary for running DonorSee nor do I ever intend to take one.

Not taking a salary allows our donors to rest assured that their donations are being used responsibly. It also allows me to be supported directly by people who believe in our mission.

But I can no longer continue in my role as CEO without your help. I have a growing family and the need for more support while I expand DonorSee’s ability to serve those in need.

I dream of a world where our poorest members no longer live on the knife’s edge of survival. But I can’t make that world happen without your partnership.

Will you join me?

Gret Glyer
CEO and Founder of DonorSee