Gret Glyer is the CEO of DonorSee, and has raised over a million dollars for those in extreme poverty. 

From 2013 to 2016, Gret lived with the world’s poorest people in Malawi, Africa where he built more than 150 houses for the homeless and crowdfunded $100,000 to build a girls’ school in rural Malawi.

Gret has been featured in USA Today, National Review, HuffPo, Acton Institute and is a TEDx Speaker. He’s the host of The Gret Glyer Podcast and gives regular talks on charity, poverty and perspective. To invite him to speak at your event, contact

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Things that have changed Gret’s life:

Lukewarm & Loving It” by Francis Chan (video)

The Story Of Charity: Water” by Scott Harrison (video)

Pareto Distributions” explained by Jordan Peterson (video)

The Obstacle Is The Way” by Ryan Holiday (book)

St. Francis of Assisi” by Omer Englebert (book)

Coming Apart” by Charles Murray (book)

The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis (book)

Zero to One” by Peter Thiel (book)

How To Find Your Purpose

TEDx Talk

If The Poor Were Next Door by Gret Glyer