I’m Not A Cryer, But…

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Last Wednesday night I sobbed uncontrollably for an hour.

This is very strange for me. Occasionally, while watching a sad movie, I’ll get misty-eyed. But, besides that, I just don’t cry.

In order to explain, let me first back up.

A few days ago I received a text message from a friend in Malawi with the above video attached. He wanted me to fundraise to build a well for a village that has no access to clean drinking water. Every year people in this village die from waterborne diseases, including a little fifth grade girl from this past January named Chisomo.

Sounds sad, right? Well, not really for me. This is my job. I get messages like this every single day. Getting a message about a sad, deadly situation is just another part of my morning routine. I need to remain un-phased by these things in order to run my company.

But something strange happened late last Wednesday night while I was lying in bed. I got a stomach ache. I knew it would pass, but there was no avoiding the circumstances. I was in pain.

And as I sat there, dwelling on my own stomach pain, I started thinking about the little girl who died in January. I thought about how she probably had a stomach ache too. But her stomach ache never went away. It just got worse and worse, every night, until one morning when she didn’t wake up.

And then I thought about the pain of her family and how they had to dig a grave for her and bury their own daughter. And then I thought about how they had to return to drink from the same water source that killed their daughter.

And then I was overcome with sadness. And I cried. And I promised myself and my friend in Malawi that we would find a way to fundraise the money needed to install this well.

So here I am today, sharing my story with you, in the hopes that you’ll join me in providing clean water for Chinguluma village in Malawi, Africa. I’ve crunched a few numbers to help you understand the impact your dollars will make:

  • There are 300 families in Chinguluma village
  • The high quality well will cost $8900 and should last 20 years.
  • This means $1.48 provides clean water for an entire family for a year.

Anything you can give would mean a lot. And, even if you can’t give, please share this post so that others may have the chance.

The well will be dedicated to Chisomo. Let’s do this for the little girl whose stomach pain never went away.

Give here: donorsee.com/project/823