The Hunger Crisis Is Upon Us

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The Washington Post released a story called, “Coronavirus lockdowns will starve people in low-income countries.” I’ve also been getting the word out on social media. I went on a hunger strike, I posted over a dozen videos, and I worked with my team behind-the-scenes for what we all saw coming: a hunger crisis.

Today, that crisis is upon us. I interviewed a doctor in Liberia who said their malnutrition cases have gone from 40 kids a week to 60 kids a day. I spoke with a childcare specialist in Tanzania who said that they are starting to hear more and more stories of desperate mothers abandoning their newborns in the hope that someone else will find them and give them a better life. One of our Partners in Uganda has helped feed 10,000+ families. But in a lot of cases, it was too late and the food recipients didn’t make it. A malnutrition clinic in Sierra Leone is seeing (for the first time) repeat patients. In other words, people come to the clinic to be treated for malnutrition, then get sent home, then have to come back again because they still don’t have enough food. Many of these cases are children who die on the second visit.

This is a tiny glimpse of what’s happening around the world right now. The hunger crisis is upon us.

Now is the time for personal action. Now is the time to forget about what others are doing and commit to fighting this crisis yourself. Every single day counts. Every single dollar counts. Every single bit of awareness counts. We are still on the early side of this crisis.

I hope that you will consider directly supporting families that are currently starving at